Werewolf the Forsaken 2nd Edition- Session Two: Cold open with a murder, Part 2

The trail left by the murderous spirit was growing colder by the minute but the killer was in the material world. The pack raced back to the college to make sure of the local gateway between spirit and flesh: the wolf-blooded college student, Laura. Wolf-blooded can have many strange abilities and one of them, for better or worse, is to be a living gateway with the spirit world. And that’s why Laura, in the midst of her research, suddenly found her small dorm filled with five more people. Once the pack explained the situation the entire group headed downtown to begin the chase.

Circling well around the police still at the scene (including the wolf-blooded cop who found the body) the pack found the spot were the scent trail shifted in the material world. They concluded this must be where the spirit switched bodies because one staggered off while the other made a sudden beeline to the north, a residential area. After an hour they managed to encricle the scent, limiting the search to a four block area and decided to split up to try and flush the murderer out.

The two experienced spirit hunters split off to the east to ask about suspious behavior in the locals. The sneakiest wolf moved east to circle around and be ready to come to the others’ aid. The shaman began a ritual to alter the weather in the area to make it uncomfortable, hoping to drive the prey out. Finally the brute began stomping through alleyways, disturbing the homeless to try and find their quarry. Within thirty minutes they discovered the spirit had jumped again. They discovered this when said spirit put a knife into the brute’s back. Luckily, werewolves are tough and he managed to wrestle the host body until the shaman arrived and with the rest of the pack bearing down the spirit jumped out of the body and fled.

Chasing the smoky disembodied spirit proved more difficult but the stealthiest wolf gave chase, keeping pace to ensure the spirit was not entirely lost while the others regrouped. The session came to a close with the party discovering that the spirit possessed some sort of strange artifact: the knife it used could be etheral or solid as the spirit willed it, something normally outside of a spirit’s power. Which meant the entity wasn’t acting alone: something else was helping it.

I had a good time this session. It was alot of working out the kinks as players discovered the new rules bits and some insistances of needing to think things through more, such as the player who used her weather powers. The intention was to make the spirit reluctant to stay in the area. The result was to create a potentially lethal heatwave over a two mile area that lasted for about twelve hours. So, you know, live and learn (hopefully).

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