Returning to blogging and GenCon 2015

I’ve decided that I’m going to take another shot of keeping up a blog. Seeing as how I’m trying to make a bit more of a name for myself in table top publishing it seems like a good thing to do. So, here we are, a return to updates on the games I’m running and the wonderful adventures in GMing that they give me.

This time around I’ll be mixing homebrewed game materials I use in my games and bits of stuff from the scenarios and games that I’ll be attempting to publish. With any luck maybe some things’ll catch on.

Naturally the bestest news is that GenCon 2015 is nearly upon us and I’ll be attending, for the first time, as a published author. It lends a slightly different air to the while thing and makes me think about my interactions more than I did before. Now every one of those booths in the hall isn’t just a place to check out cool things but possibly a way for me to send me own ideas out into the gaming ecosystem.

So wish me luck and keep checking in as the Full Time GM takes another swing at internet publication.