Bloodborne: Session Zero- Character Creation

I really like video games. I think that they have potential to be a unique medium of storytelling, if they are done well and can be generally entertaining even if they aren’t. My favorite game at the moment is “Bloodborne” by FromSoftware. It’s a action/horror game in the same theme as Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls but it really turns up at the action and violence as compared to what came before it. As soon as I started playing I knew that I deserately wanted to find a way to bring Bloodborne to a table top game but I couldn’t think of a way to possibly make a whole group experience something so focused as the game presents. The feeling of isolation is a major part of the game, something that wouldn’t transitional well into a group of four or five.

And then I found out that two of my players dropped out of the bi-weekly D&D game. Which left me with only two dudes. Well, since the whole campaign was built around killing dragons (an activity for a full party) that kinda ended that. So as I was asking what they wanted it suddenly struck me that with only two players I could probably do a fair job of capturing the feeling of Bloodborne. And, as luck would have it, I had my trusty copy of Call of Cthulhu at the table. Within thirty minutes I’d begun sketching out a game plot of traveling from place to place, doing the work of Hunters and slaying beasts while trying to keep from falling to insanity. Naturally Call of Cthulhu synced perfectly with these themes. All that I needed to do was adjust the stats slightly and get the players caught up on the game world. They rolled up classics of the genre: one scholar of the arcane and one self styled assassin, both ready to plunge deep into the blood soaked mysteries of the world.

I’ll post the rules updates to BRP that I’m using along with the stats of anything that they encounter along the way as I create them. Also, write ups on the various places they’ll be traveling to.