Werewolf the Forsaken 2nd Edition- Session Two: Cold open with a murder, Part 1

So the players finished off their characters by giving all of the secondary characters their supernatural traits. It’s an important stage that we skipped last time because the book wasn’t out at the time and I only had so much of the book actually printed up. The reason it’s important is that the tricks the secondary characters get aren’t just personal oddities, they can be powers that alter the way that the pack functions, as they were in this session.

We opened cold with one of the wolf-blooded secondaries discovering a body in an alleyway and alerting the pack to the murder. They responded slowly because a murder in a city is hardly supernatural but it became apparent that something was up. Another wolf-blooded, a college student at the local university, checked local news and found out that over the last two night previous bodies had been found in the two towns south of the pack’s territory. Three deaths in three days, all murders. Now it looked like something was happening.

The wolf-blooded tracked the information on the previous deaths while the werewolves of the pack converged on the college. The plan was to check the murder site on the spirit side by crossing into the Shadow. Using the spirit world is a major part of Werewolf; it lets the pack get to places that would otherwise be unreachable and approach spirits for assistance. It’s also somewhat dangerous as many spirits don’t like werewolves consider their presence in the Shadow to be justification to attack them. Luckily the pack has a working relationship with that passes for the leadership of the local spirits and is largely able to move about the Shadow without concern of attack.

Investigating the attack site they discovered an unusually large concentration of fear and anxiety. The spirit world resonates with the material world, whenever new things appear that resonance can result in ‘essence’, spiritual energy which call spirts need in order to survive. However the essence is tuned with what created it and in this case they found the site to be literally crawling with motes of fear, anxeity, and similar emotions. A few local spirits were taking the change to grab some for food but most were leaving the stuff alone, disliking the taste. Farther the essence of the murder itself was still pooled in place, a crimson red fog in the alleyway.

While most of the pack circled wide to stomp out as much fear as they could two went in and poked at the crime scene. One player got a bit of a shock when she stuck her nose in and accidently absorbed the essence of the murder itself. Not only was it mentally disturbing but it broke her Harmoney towards spirit. The upside, however, was that she now remembered the murder almost as clearly as the victim. With her help they followed the trail of the killer until it suddenly changed. Some quick brain storming brought them to a single conclusion: a spirit riding a mortal body in the real world who had jumped hosts to attempt to escape notice. That meant a fairly powerful spirit had begun actively killing humans but more importantly it meant a spirit was violating werewolf law and dwelling in the human world.

The next course of action was clear: hunt it down and send it back.

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